The One Thing You Need To Know. One night, at a parent-teacher conference, another mother ended up being asking me questions about the SAT

 The One Thing You Need To Know. One night, at a parent-teacher conference, another mother ended up being asking me questions about the SAT as we waited our change in the guidance workplace (she’d heard about the project from her son). But just she was called in as I was about to respond, the door opened and.

She turned back and asked as she headed into the teacher’s office:

What’s the one thing I must know?’

Having just completed my seventh SAT, here is the first thing that came to mind:

The SAT is every bit as much about performance on test day as it really is about the knowledge being tested. Experienced tutors advise taking ten full training tests before ever sitting down for the actual SAT — some have actually their students take fifteen (or more) full tests- before ever taking an official test.

The university Board provides 21 practice SATs and plenty of extra practice problems, between the Blue Book and the online program.

A 12 months+ after answering that question, I would include this:

I’ve written a written book about the SAT journey I took with my son called The Perfect Score Project. It is possible to read more about the book HERE, see just what individuals say HERE, or pre-order a copy HERE. February the book will be published next.

Hello, Sun Within My Face

It has been way too long.

We was off the grid, writing guide about the SAT. Isolating. And now it feels like i have just woken up from a Rip Van Winkle nap discombobulating.

Plus, we was getting my son prepared for college (i.e. the extremely son that is same inspired this project in the first place happens to be getting ready to fly the coop).

However for now, the book is written (hallelujah), and it is scheduled to go on sale on February 25, 2014. So I thought now would function as perfect time for you to start writing weblog posts again (feels such as a stroll in the park after the book).

And, I’m ‘in the zone,’ again (i.e it’s time for my next child to start prepping for the SAT.).

The book is known as The Perfect Score Project: Uncovering the Secrets of the SAT, and according to my extremely precise and editor that is grammatically perfect it’s ‘an indispensable guide to acing the SAT aswell once the affecting story of a single mom’s quest to light a fire under her teenage son.’

You’ll read more about the book HERE.

And, you can read what these extremely nice people that are smart said about it to date RIGHT HERE.

And, if you would like pre-order the guide (no pressure), you can just click here.

Akil, Stacey, Erik the Red….let’s do it once again! (Kidding.)

Tomorrow, I think I’ll write the something you should know….

Wait…Score Choice and Superscoring…Can You Do Both?

FAQ # 4

Q. What’s the deal with Score Choice and Superscoring?

A. I am able to never keep in mind the solution to this concern.

Here’s hoping it sticks this time…..

1) Score Choice:

This means *you* can pick which scores to send. Most schools will let you do this, but a handful (GW, Georgetown, Stanford, and Yale one thinks of offhand) will not.

Say you take the SAT 3 x. Rating choice means that you are able to choose to deliver one, two, or three of those scores. Say you blew the test that is first, did best on Math on test #2, and did best on CR/W on test no. 3. You’d ignore #1 and send two and three because of……

2) Superscoring:

This is what *colleges* do to put on their own best within the rankings. When you distribute ratings from tests #2 and #3, they will take the highest M and CR/W from those two tests and look only at those. They are going to see the other scores you got on those tests, but they won’t count them. And yes, they really do ignore the other ratings, unless there’s demonstrably something very weird going on. It’s majorly within their interest to do this.

And two cents more from another source that is reliable Philip Keller, whose talk about prepping for the SAT may be worth every minute of your time and energy to view:

Super Scoring is the practice of claiming credit for the mixed score that is according to elements scores taken on different times. You can certainly do it on the part of your application where YOU enter your scores, and colleges will confirm your claim by considering your formal rating reports, seeing them all but taking a look at your very best numbers. Still, a genuine clunker can not be a thing that is good. And that means you wouldn’t get in and intentionally let one area bomb, counting on Superscoring to bail you out.

And notice that it’s hard to make usage of score option AND super scoring unless you happen to have all your most useful scores clustered in one or two sittings.

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