Chlamydia may be healed with antibiotics. This is the most frequently reported STI in British Columbia.

Chlamydia may be healed with antibiotics. This is the most frequently reported STI in British Columbia.


You have chlamydia through vaginal, dental, and anal sexual contact. Including both sex that is penetrative intimate tasks where there was a change of human body liquids. You are able to get chlamydia by sharing adult toys. In the event that you have chlamydia, you can easily pass it to other people even though you don’t have signs.


It is common to not notice any symptoms if you have chlamydia. They will most likely show up between 2 and 6 weeks after sexual contact if you do get symptoms. Your signs depends on where in actuality the infection is found. The absolute most typical symptoms include:

  • Penis/external genitals: you may possibly notice unusual release and a silly, painful, or itchy sensation. You might have discomfort or difficulty when urinating. You may experience pain there and sometimes a little swelling if you have testicles.
  • Vagina/internal genitals: you might notice unusual release and bleeding. Other signs will be reduced pain that is abdominal sometimes discomfort during sex.
  • Anal area: You may notice discharge that is abnormal. You’ll be able to have discomfort in your community.
  • Throat: it really is unusual to own signs right here however you might experience a sore neck.
  • Attention: You may notice inflammation or irregular discharge.

*Note: For those who have had reduced surgery, your genital signs can vary greatly.

Tests and Diagnosis

You will find alternatives for the way you test for chlamydia. A physician will suggest specific tests based in the forms of sex that you’re having. Testing is normally completed with a urine sample or perhaps a swab regarding the neck, anus or vagina porn video.

It is advisable to get tested for chlamydia in the event that you:

  • have actually signs
  • have sexual partner whom has tested good for chlamydia
  • are performing screening that is routine STIs
  • are expecting
  • will have an IUD inserted, a medical abortion, or perhaps a gynecological procedure

Window Period (just how long to attend before assessment): Most test results are accurate 2 to 6 months once you are in contact with chlamydia. In British Columbia, most test results should always be prepared in 10 days.


Chlamydia is addressed with prescription antibiotics. It is critical to simply take your medicines as instructed. In the event that you skip any doses, the illness is almost certainly not treated. See your medical care provider in such a circumstance or in the event that you continue to have signs once you complete your therapy.

You should not need intercourse (despite having a condom) for seven days following the beginning of the therapy. You could pass chlamydia to your sexual partners or get it again if you do have sex. Should this happen, speak to your medical care provider.

The medications utilized to deal with chlamydia are for sale to free in BC. Confer with your medical care provider to see if they have them in stock.

Sexual Partners

Your partners that are sexual the very last 8 weeks must certanly be tested and addressed for chlamydia. When you haven’t had sex into the final two months, your final partner must be tested and treated.

You can find a ways that are few inform lovers. It is possible to inform lovers yourself or anonymously. Speak to your medical care provider by what suits you.


If you treat chlamydia early, you can find frequently hardly any other health issues. If kept untreated, it may induce complications that are serious:

  • greater potential for getting and moving HIV
  • pelvic inflammatory infection
  • epididymitis
  • sterility
  • ectopic pregnancy
  • chronic pelvic discomfort
  • reactive joint disease

Pregnancy: in the event that you are expecting, you ought to be screened for chlamydia. It is possible to pass chlamydia to your youngster during delivery.


It really is a good notion to be tested regularly for STIs, particularly if you have actually brand brand brand new intimate lovers or available relationships. Chatting with lovers about safer intercourse makes everyone that is sure what to anticipate. Condoms are superb for you– the correct use of condoms reduces your chances of getting and passing chlamydia if they work.


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