Buying on InfluencerFinder:

It’s currently free to buy something on InfluencerFinder unless a currency conversion is required. USD is the currency used on InfluencerFinder.


Selling on InfluencerFinder:

For selling on InfluencerFinder, there is a 20% commission charged per each sale*.

For example if you charge $30.00 for a listing you will receive $24.00 in your account, minus the Paypal fees required to withdraw.

The minimum price that you may list a posting for is $10.00 USD.

In order to cash out/withdraw money, you must have a minimum balance of $10.00 USD.

To cash out/withdraw the money from the account you will pay the required PayPal fees.


* Payment gateway fees apply. Influencer Finder uses PayPal as its payment gateway. The size of the fee depends on your country and price of the sale and is usually around 3%-4%.

Currency is USD (U.S. Dollar).


Last Updated: Feb 14th, 2017